Home Depot

Home Depot – Mini Door Display

  • Home Depot wanted to update their MAAX in-store displays to create a more space efficient and user friendly display
  • Not only did we create a modern display that stands out to their customers, but we were able to give them more storage for their products by allowing stock to be stored behind the new displays
  • This cleared space in their warehouse and made it more user friendly when a customer wanted to purchase a product

Area Rug Slider Display

  • Home Depot wanted to update the way that customers interact with Area Rugs in the showroom
  • The average Area rug measures 6’ x 8’ and was too large for the bay. We needed to find a way to make them work within the current Bays
  • Our solution was to create an angled sliding system
  • Integrating the sliding system allowed for customers to interact with the large carpets and make choices easily

Free-standing Carpet Display

  • Creating a freestanding floor display for Carpets wasn’t easy
  • We needed to combine both rolled and folded carpets
  • Using a combination of wood and metal to create a sleek look we were able to offer adjustable shelves for folded product
  • We also created a soft close holder for the taller rolled carpets
  • This unit packed a lot of punch into a small footprint